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Advanced Best Practices – Avoiding Potential Biases

Advanced Best Practices  - Avoiding Potential Biases: Duration in the industry The best experts have lengthy experience in their various fields, however, such experience can also cloud one’s perspective as to what is happening outside of the industry. Maybe they are steadfast in the old ways because they’ve been there for 30 years. Worked in one role Similar to the duration in the same industry issue. Maybe [...]

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Advanced Best Practices – Questions to Ask During the Call

Advanced Best Practices – Questions to Ask During Call Get to the why and the how behind the “what”. Dig deeper into the answers What evidence supports that point of view What informs that opinion? Generate creativity: What are some alternative ways that could be the case? Find the base-rate How widely held is your perspective? Why does your opinion differ from that of consensus? Tease out [...]

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Basic Best Practices for Clients

Basic Best Practices Pre-Call Remember to bring a notepad and jot down notes, or type notes on computer. Prepare list of questions before the call, But leave room for flexibility Think of questions along the way that could be helpful Always better to have more questions that go uncovered, helps you think At beginning of call Give expert a bit of context, any information you can provide [...]

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How to Conduct Expert Interviews

How to Conduct Research Interviews Preparation: Have questions prepared beforehand with clearly worded phrases and allowing for open-ended responses. In line with the legal compliance signed off on, acknowledging both you and the expert will not discuss anything confidential or proprietary – make sure your questions do not ask about sensitive information. Have a way to take or record notes to best transcribe the conversation. Interviewing: Explain [...]

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What do Expert Networks do?

Whether you are launching your product in a new country, launching a new product, consulting with a new business partner, or making a business investment in an industry that you are unfamiliar with – make no mistake, you need market insights, and you need them yesterday.

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