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Frequently asked questions

Who does DeepBench do?

We find advisors who can provide you with the insights you need. Any industry, any position, any geography. There is no charge for a search, and it is easy to get started.

You can think of our service as a micro-consulting platform. Usually the consultation happens in the form of a 1 hour phone call, but sometimes the interactions are just a few questions emailed back and forth.

We also offer longer-term projects, permanent hires (i.e. board directors) and much more.

How do I know you can find what I need? Can I do a free test / pilot trial?

Of course – feel free to send us over a project that you need to find advisors for. We will get started for free. You don’t pay unless you like who we come up with and arrange a consultation.

After the consultation, you don’t pay if you are dissatisfied with the results. (see: “What if I’m not satisfied?”)

What if I’m not satisfied?

If you don’t like who we come up with, there is absolutely no charge for the search.

If you select someone and are dissatisfied during a consultation, please end the call within 10 minutes, and you will not be charged.

Anonymity is important for me and my organization — what can you do about that?

Generally, we encourage learners to share as much information as possible, including your identity, for optimal advisor response and match rates.

However, our system allows learners to remain anonymous by default. If advisors feel uncomfortable with your anonymity, we will work with you to understand how much we can share.

If there is no resolution of the concerns, we will forgo the revenue opportunity rather than sacrifice your privacy. We will never reveal your identity without your permission.


Legal compliance is also very important to me and my organization — how do you address these issues?

At DeepBench, we take compliance very seriously, it is paramount to our business model, and at Deepbench we have a robust framework vetted by counsel.

For more information, please see here.

What does DeepBench do differently from other similar services?

We have three 3 key differentiating pillars:

  1. Better Quality – We use technology developed at MIT to conduct custom searches and find the best-fit advisors.
  2. Better Flexibility – We don’t require learners to sign long-term contracts or prepay.
  3. Better Transparency – Our long-termmission is the unlock the power of expert knowledge, and we are embracing a transparent marketplace model.

But don’t take our word for it. Send us a project today – and see how we can help. There is never a cost to get started with us. You only pay when we deliver results.

Who can DeepBench help me connect to?

DeepBench’s advisors hail from a wide variety of geographies, industries and functions.

True to our MIT identity, our core strengths lie in cutting edge fields such as blockchain, biotech, cybersecurity, and autonomous vehicles, but in reality, our network and reach is broad.

From start-up CEOs, to academic professors, to VPs of Sales, to Directors of IT – we can do it all. We can connect you with US pediatric surgeons, private equity analysts in Africa, fast-casual restaurateurs in South East Asia, industrial sheet piling experts in South America, and more!

Reach out today and find out –