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Unleashing the power of expert knowledge

DeepBench: Founded in 2016 at MIT

DeepBench was started by former graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who had experienced first-hand the inefficiencies of legacy expert networks, and saw an opportunity to create something better. (Featured in Forbes)

Since then, our mission of democratizing access to experts and unlocking the world’s knowledge has led us to work with everyone from the Fortune 500 to startups, from investors to UX designers.

If you're interested in a career at DeepBench, please learn more about our mission & values.

Unique approach

Relative to our larger peers, our technology-driven approach enables us to offer lower costs and higher quality matches.

Our unique offerings include:

  • Panel surveys

    with our 10,000+ professionals
  • Self-service browsing

    features & tools
  • Contractor payment

    features & tools
  • Bulletin board of projects

    to crowdsource expert responses

Connect with expert advisors

Any industry, Any geography. Find the perfect expert advisor to answer your toughest questions, on-demand.