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Contractor management

Payment processing and tax/compliance logistics for your contractors and freelancers.

How it works

  • Find your expert

    You have a contractor or freelancer on hand with whom you have agreed to work scope & payment.

    If you need help finding a contractor, we can do that as well.

  • Leave the hassle to us

    You introduce them to us, and we take care of all required paperwork:

    • W-9s, W-8BEN, 1099s
    • NDAs
    • Any training documents to review, affidavits, disclosures, and more
  • Follow-up

    We handle all payments, including travel & expense reimbursements.

We handle things end-to-end

  • You two agree on the scope & payment...
  • They do the work..
  • You review their work...
  • ...and we take care of everything else!


  • We charge 5% on top of whatever agreed-to payment amount
  • If you need help finding a contractor, we can also do that for a small additional fee
Schedule a call
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Any industry. Any geography. Any role.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What type of contractors do you typically work with?

    Our focus is on connecting freelance consultants for tasks where knowledge exchange is important. Any industry. Any geography. Our core business model is finding expert consultants for one off 1 hour phone calls.
  • Why are you so much cheaper than other options?

    • We don’t keep freelance consultants on our payroll, we are working with people you’ve already found (but we do have a service that can help you find people as well — contact us to learn more).
    • Think of us as a payments processor, a pass-through 5% cost to handle the logistical hassle of working with a consultant.
  • What if there's a dispute?

    DeepBench will hold any amount received in escrow until the issue is resolved between both parties.
  • Are there minimums?

    • DeepBench minimum fee / payment is $50.
    • Whether it's a $600 / 1-day engagement or a $60,000 / 1-year engagement, you can use us for anything.
  • Do you take credit cards?

    Yes — we take credit cards for an extra 3% fee.
  • Can you handle enterprise invoicing?

    Yes — we can work within whatever systems and frameworks you have in place.

Connect with expert advisors

Any industry, Any geography. Find the perfect expert advisor to answer your toughest questions, on-demand.