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Our mission & values

Our mission

We unlock the world's knowledge by connecting users with expert individuals.

Through a combination of software and services, DeepBench helps companies solve critical issues, make better-informed decisions, and delight customers.

DeepBench values

  • Focus on users

    We are only successful if we build a product and service that users love enough to recommend. A consistently great product and service experience is what keeps them coming back to us, and what will make our company successful in the long-term. We keep our promises to customers.
  • Act like an owner

    Everyone at DeepBench is both a leader and an owner. We think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. We act on behalf of the entire company. We take initiative to improve product, process, team, and company.
  • Seek learning

    DeepBenchers are never done learning and always seek to improve ourselves and our work. We seek feedback from others, and we are eager to solve new problems. We run experiments. We use our best judgement until data proves us wrong, then we learn and adjust.
  • Earn trust

    We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. We reflect on and openly acknowledge where we've erred and apply the lessons learned, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing. We earn the trust of our clients and team members through integrity, accountability, clear communication, and reasoned opinions.
  • Show conviction

    We often must make decisions based on incomplete data. We should respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable. But one leader is ultimately accountable for the decision, and that leader may not and does not need to make everyone happy. But once that accountable leader makes the decision, the entire team commits wholly.
  • Be ambitious

    We help each other and the company succeed. We are not content with the status quo, and we respectfully help each other achieve our potential. Despite setbacks, we rise to the occasion to deliver a high quality product.

Connect with expert advisors

Any industry, Any geography. Find the perfect expert advisor to answer your toughest questions, on-demand.