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William Xin

Business Analyst at Capital One
  • Business Analyst at Capital One
  • Fundamental/Quantitative Research Summer Analyst at WisdomTree Asset Management
  • Hedge Fund Summer Analyst at Pinpoint Capital
  • Product Market Analysis Intern at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Research Assistant at Case Western Reserve University
    • Financial services

    • Gontran de Quillacq

      Options, derivatives, and financial mark... at Navesink International
      I am an expert in options, trading, investments, and financial markets, who speaks the language of investors, portfolio managers, and securities litigation attorneys. CONTACT DETAILS & INFORMATION:\ www.NavesinkInternational.com GdeQuillacq@NavesinkInternational.com W: +1 (646) 844-1789 C: (732) 533-9066 PROFILE: The first two decades of my career have been filled with hands-on responsibilities in portfolio management, derivatives trading, proprietary trading, structured products, a...
      • Asset management
      • Capital Markets
      • Education
      • Financial services
      • Legal
    • Vasanth Shenai

      Startup VP Finance | SAAS | Advisor | Ex... at Punchh
      Startup CFO/VP Finance – with 20 years finance and operations. As a thought partner for leadership/sales/marketing teams helped grow and scale businesses within startup and large public company settings.KEY HIGHLIGHTSo Drive growth – Successful track record driving top line growth and improving bottom line. Optimized marketing and sales operations, pricing strategy, and decreased cost of acquisition (COA).o Metrics/KPI’s/Strategy – Key driver analysis to drive hyper growth, created...
      • Financial services
      • Information technology
    • Nigel Parsad

      Deep Learning & Computer Vision Consulta... at Shell
      Data-driven professional experienced in engineering innovative deep learning and computer vision solutions for research, healthcare, and industry.‣ Writer @ Data Driven Investor - Medium‣ Deep Learning in Medical Imaging Blog: https://medium.com/@nigel.m.parsad‣ Implements deep learning and machine learning methodologies for the semantic segmentation and tissue classification of anatomical regions of interest from patient medical imaging‣ Directed an advanced 3D printi...
      • Financial services
      • Tech
    • Jim Lukas

      Manager & President, Lukas Mortgage Cons... at Lukas Mortgage Consulting, LLC
      Mortgage Banking Executive with 40+ years of leadership in all aspects of mortgage lending. I have worked for large and small banks, but prefer the Community Bank environment. My specialty is residential mortgage startups and creating the next superstars of mortgage lending.I am in the process of creating my fifth residential mortgage start-up within a bank. The previous four have all been very successful. This McHenry, IL startup will be my last as I retired from full time employment in 2016. I...
      • Banking
      • Financial services
    • Keith Rabkin

      Health Tech Strategy and Business Operat... at Johnson & Johnson
      Executive in the technology industry with over 15 years of experience across business operations, strategy, finance and marketing. Specialties: Corporate strategy, business operations/ scalability, distributed team management, financial valuation, B2C marketing. One of 25 individuals to win the 2015 Great Manager Award at Google.
      • Consumer & retail
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      • Healthcare
      • Information technology
      • Life sciences
      • Manufacturing
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    • John Hummler

      Financial Analyst and Investment Managem... at Self-employed
      Forward-thinking Finance and Investment Management Professional combining 20+ years’ achievement at the helm of strategic investment activities at leading financial firms with unmatched risk assessment and market analysis acumen. Rich history leveraging complex financial instruments and derivative products to achieve consistent portfolio growth and outperform respective benchmark returns. Diligent strategist with a keen ability to diversify risk though intelligent trading of equity and stock ind...
      • Financial services