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Hollis Burggraf

Physician at Doctor on Demand

Welcome, the doctor is in!My name is Holly Burggraf. I am a Family Medicine Physician with a sub-specialty in Dermatology. I enjoy all aspects of Family Medicine. Currently I work full time with Doctor on Demand, a video/telemedicine platform for virtual visits with patients in the 12 states I am currently licensed in - mostly the western US, including HI and soon, Alaska. It is a free app to the patients and a fantastic way to help people outside of the confines of the traditional office setting.Health Care is changing in America - let's keep it about the patient, whatever form it eventually takes!

  • Physician at Doctor on Demand
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    • Gayle Squires

      Patient Experience, Advocacy. Provider/P... at Soigné Health Care Advisors
      Health care consultant for providers, health IT, payers, patients, and life sciences. MD/MBA.For providers and payers: incorporate principles of hospitality into care delivery for improved patient experience and employee engagement.For patients: advocacy and health system navigation, including care transitions.For life sciences, IT, and investors: clinical and commercial due diligence, sales and business development, and strategic analysis.University of Pennsylvania MD, Wharton MBA, Harvard BA....
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    • Diana Blum

      Neurologist, MD at Peninsula Private Neurology
      Neurologist (sub-specialty: General Neurology)
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    • LARRY Baratta

      International Medical Director & Chief M... at World Wide Wound Care LLC
      Specialties: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology (Ph.D.) - Specialization in Neuropsychology
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    • Betsy Davis

      Resident Physician at St. Luke’s Family ...
      Experienced Resident Physician with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Clinical Research, Customer Service, Coaching, Occupational Therapy, and Hospitals. Strong healthcare services professional with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) focused in Family Medicine from University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Science. After an OB fellowship in 2019-20, I plan to practice full-spectrum Family Medicine with OB, including c-sections.
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    • David Polanik

      Registered Nurse at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital...
      Recognized leader in the areas of Patient Safety, Performance Improvement, Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness. Extensive experience working with hospital leadership, physicians and staff in the identification and implementation of actions to improve patient safety, elevate the standard of care, minimize risk, maintain regulatory compliance and enhance the patients’ experience.
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    • Scott Soerries

      Medical Director at SteadyMD
      Specialties: Board Certified Family Medicine, Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians
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